Sunday, October 4, 2015

Christy Smith ao: Ooh, ooh, ooh, what a change in venue can do for you.

The process of converting the photos I take at gigs for this blog is, considered by effort per picture, not that big. Usually it is a bit of adjustment for light and sometimes a crop and then I am done. 

That was not much different today. Though my thoughts did move to effort while I was going through last night’s photos. I concluded however that the reason must be that I had never had so many shots from one set and I don’t think I ever selected so many for upload.

That still does not mean that I will have placed them all when this post is done. Actually including the photo is the last stage of selection. 

I write my silly story, then I try to fit a photo in that links a bit to the paragraph and at the end I post some more, as simple as that. Biggest challenge is to avoid duplication.

Now how come that last night reaped so many fruits of entertainment? It was not new faces for sure. In fact there were only some very, very familiar faces. Faces that go back “deep” into my Singapore history of 9 years. 

The faces were in a new venue though. RedBank. Located on top of what could have been the ceiling of Singapore’s house of blues and sports Muddy Murphy, at least where it used to be located. It’s right through the back door of the Orchard Hotel. 

There now is a glossy new Mall ready to be opened officially, and an equally new Bar and Grill. Tastefully decorated with a very roomy, loungy atmosphere. The main entrance is on Claymore so it seems well located, and it definitely is a comfortable hang out. Since its first three days of opening it is home to Christy Smith’s varying jazz ensembles.

Last night Christy had some seriously old cats of Jazz on stage, and yes I include Melissa and Wen in this. Their added ages may be equal to the age of the other musicians individually

Shawn Letts on Saxophone

Mario Serio on Keyboard

but their reputation and experience has grown well beyond their age. As jazz cats they are old and reputable.

Wen Ming Soh on Drums
Melissa Tham vocals
It was a bit of a strange experience. I have been thinking I had gone a little stale on the oldies or maybe on Jazz. I had a feeling of “been there done that” and in all honesty I had a sense that some of the musicians returned that vibe. 

Last night however, I saw quite a bit of the original luster back, on the faces as well as in the music and there was lots and lots of color.

That of course also thanks to the ever-changing psychedelic background. That kaleidoscope of sounds and visions made it for me super fun to take pictures and play with expressions and the backgrounds, both of which the musicians were mostly unaware of.

If the photos are not up to your expectations I still urge you to go check out Christy and RedBank. With Christy’s enthusiasm and assuming that the background will be of similar orientation you will have a mind broadening experience.

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