Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fusing Saigenji and L.A.B. ; A results of good taste

Aya announced it with her usual enthusiasm a few weeks ago, using her Bon Gout  Music event planning brand. Saigenji was going to be back in town after 7 years. 

I know of course that time flies but I do remember Saigenji’s last visit very well and could not imagine it had been that long. 

It also made me realize how long I have been living in Singapore and been following this section of it’s lively music scene.  And it is a very lively music scene where I sometimes feel, that even with over 90 posts in this blog, I am not even scratching the surface of what is going on here in live music.

In a way it is fantastic to know that even when I sometimes attend two venues at the same evening there is still so much more going on and that in it’s own unorganized way, it is working for so many people.

It is also fantastic to witness some one like, for instance Alemay Fernandez, being randomly, invited to the stage and see her bringing the house down in a way that will humble any finalist of the Voice and X-factor, to date and in the future.

But last Thursday night at Blu Jaz Café was not even about Alemay. 

It was to begin with about L.A.B. who delivered us a beautiful first set with cool song choices and fun delivery and on top of it all about the return of Saigenji. I am sure that the L.A.B. rats;

Aya Sekine Keys

Michaela Therese de Cruz Vocals

Teo Jia Rong Drums

Timothy De Cotta bass and vocals

With DJ and on EWI Kevin Guoh

don’t mind if I say that they may have stolen a nice part of the show, by the start of the Saigenji set the audience was fired up red hot, Akane was the theme from head to toe,

But after that Saigenji managed to steal peoples hearts that evening. Presenting songs from his album “one voice, one guitar”, delivered with endearing charm and enormous passion left us all wildly enthusiastic

It was a surprisingly busy night, the 3rd floor of Blu Jaz was filled to the ceiling. 
Which for one indicated the popularity of the singer, many in the audience were Japanes, but secondly that with hard work on organization, marketing and promoting an event you can fill a venue to a highly satisfactory level.

As mentioned several guest to the stage some along side Saigenji. I was pleasantly surprised by the duet of Saigenji and Rizal in particular.  

Saigenji as well, appeared so impressed with Rizal’s voice and Portuguese, that he appeared to be looking for the signs from above that may have been helping Rizal.

Rizal appeared to confirm !

A photographic overview:



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