Thursday, August 22, 2013

Noise? A white lie!!

One of the beautiful things about Artistry is that the small scale allows for things so cute...

 that you go home smiling and this is what happened to me tonight. After a lovely home cooked meal, I made my way over there to see White Noise.

This, what I understood from the singer, normally four piece band, was a duo now:

Didi Mudigdo on Keys. Who must be the man with the warmest smile in Singapore showbiz

and Juliet Pang on vocals

 The evening, as said, was small scale, two people, two sets, a two dozen audience and 24 new fans. That however made it intimate. It was short and sweet, so it leaves me with only one observations and a lot of curiosity. Curious about what the White Noise Quartet sounds like and an observation that women are starting to get the picture of Artistry and the ever changing wall decoration. Juliet too appeared to have adjusted here dress to the surroundings of the Artistry exhibit twigs tops and a cup of coffee. She got it down not only to the color but also to the twig pattern.

A bit stressed for time but eager to share this with you, I will leave it up to the pictures to say the rest. They tell a better story than I do anyway.


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